Live Sound Engineering (Advanced)

Course: Advanced Sound Engineering
Tutor: James Coxhead
Venue: The New Moorside Club Holborn Approach Leeds LS6 2PD
Dates: 1st May – 17th May
Times: 6.00-8.30pm (15th May: 5.30-8.00pm)
Day: Tuesday Wednesday & Thursday
Sessions: 9 (22.5 hours)
Full cost: £78.75/ FREE if you’re in receipt of any means tested benefits


This course follows on from the “Introduction To Live Sound Engineering” course and expands on the information taught in that course to cover: digital desks; setting up, features, on board effects, routing, saving and mixing; mic’ing and mixing larger bands; grouping, DCAs, routing; monitor engineering setting up and mixing as well as various tricks and tips to develop live sound engineering skills.


COURSE DESCRIPTION AND CONTENT: (including any assessment process):

Lesson 1 The filling in of forms. Recap of the basics of live sound engineering with information on how those skills will be expanded in the course. Looking at signal path for a more complex set-up.

Lesson 2 Digital Desk introduction. Basic differences between analogue desks and digital desks and overview of the features available on a digital desk. Setting up the desk for input (physical and scribble strips etc.)

Lesson 3 Further features of the digital desk: on board effects, dynamics, setting up the desk for multiple monitors, using an RTA.

Lesson 4 Mic’ing a full drum kit including placement, EQ, and mix.

Lesson 5 Mic’ing a full band. Mixing groups with loud and quiet instruments. Getting the best sound from the stage and balancing stage volume with FOH volume.

Lesson 6 Sound engineering away from the desk. Advancing, maintenance, communication, planning.

Lesson 7 Putting it all together for a balanced mix. Levels, EQ, dynamics for individual channels to make the full mix work well together.

Lesson 8 Practical set up, soundcheck and mix a band.

Lesson 9 End of course quiz, practical tricks and tips.