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Empowering People Through Music

Cloth Cat is a music/education charity based in inner city Leeds supporting those at most disadvantage living in neglected parts of the city. Building from the bottom up where support is needed most, music, people, confidence building and empowerment are at the heart of our activities.

We help people to gain control over their lives and find avenues into employment, further education and other positive social activity by providing a range of inclusive and creative projects, courses and events so that people gain the opportunity to learn a range of musical and personal skills.

GYAT updates...

Due to the NEW Government Guidelines

Term 4 of GYAT starts 17th May 2021 – 30th July 2021. 

Click here to find out more and enrol Get Your Act Together – Cloth Cat Leeds

'The Cloth Cat Music Magazine Show'

We are here to support you through Lockdown!

Cloth Cat Music Magazine Show

A bag of musical fun and games – livestreamed on YouTube 6pm every weekday from Monday 18th January to 29th February. 

Catch up now at: Visit: bit.ly/GyatYouTube to join the fun

Got lockdown fever? Looking for something different? The Cloth Cat musical magazine is a bag of fun, livestreamed at 6pm every weekday. It’s a place to relax, forget about school work and do something musical, interesting and interactive. It will be different every day, hosted by our team of musical Ninjas, you can get involved in the chat and:

  • Request a musical mash up (mix two songs together)
  • Send in your musical questions
  • Set our musical Ninjas a challenge
  • Do the quizzes
  • Get top tips from our resident DJ
  • Listen to the latest Leeds youth band The Slates
  • Make an instrument out of something in your rubbish bin
  • Request a song
  • Chuck some notes and chords in the air and see where they land
  • Plus much more

Get involved, have the chance to win a GYAT printed T-Shirt and most of all have some fun with us during Lockdown. Visit: bit.ly/GyatYouTube to join in at 6pm next week


Pre-recorded sessions will be posted throughout the week to keep you entertained….

Watch Dylan's first Live where he shares his journey with Cloth Cat GYAT courses and his personal health conditions.

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In Other News

Are you a co-op member?

You can support Cloth Cat by buying Coop goods once you have selected them as your registered charity online in your members account. 

We are supported by 3 local stores in Leeds where all you have to do is give them your members card at the till and your donation will be automatic. These stores are: 

Sovereign Square LS1 4AG,            West Point LS1 4JJ       &       New York Street LS2 7DJ

CO-OP Members Support

If you are a member of the Coop you can select Cloth Cat as a local cause to support by signing in to your online coop account https://membership.coop.co.uk/dashboard

Choose your local cause and search for and select Cloth Cat as your cause to support. When you use your membership card when you shop at the coop 2% of your purchase value for coop own branded goods is donated to Cloth Cat.

Not a member? It only costs £1 to join the Coop.

Thank you!

Funds raised to date by you shopping are: £2658.16

Thank you to everyone who supported #BandTogetherForChaity on Friday 27th November. We loved seeing you all in your T-shirts on Social Media. This is the money raised to date:

Total Raised is: £921.14


A big thank you to Kirsty Bowe Photography who gave up her time to take photos of our GYAT young people in their sessions just before lockdown hit for a 2nd time. If you would like to check out her work please do so at https://www.kirstybowephotography.co.uk/ or via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/kirstybowephotography/


A Film about our fundraising Instrumental Night