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Beginners Ukulele

Course Aims:

To become familiar with the ukulele, understand and explain how it works, is tuned and to be able to tune it independently. Understand basic music theory in relation to playing songs on the ukulele (chords, rhythm structures and melodies), and to develop confidence in playing these. Enjoy playing in a group, practicing at home and have the chance to perform at a concert.

Course Description:

An introduction to playing the ukulele. This is a fun light-hearted course designed to get complete beginners to music playing familiar songs in a variety of styles. No previous experience needed.

Any prior knowledge or entry requirements?  
None, this course is aimed at complete beginners, who may never have played an instrument before. All is required is commitment to trying to practice at home for at least 45 minutes each week, as this is essential to progressing on the course.

Essential materials:
Ukuleles are available to hire for the duration of the course but if you have one already please bring it along. An electronic tuner and music stand would be advantageous for home study but not essential.

This course will cover:

Introduction, registration and overview
Anatomy of the ukulele and family of ukes (soprano, tenor etc)
Tuning the ukulele (various methods)
Reading tab and scores
Playing melodies and using tab for this
Learn simple chords in common keys
Time signatures (4/4 and 3/4)
Strumming patterns (simple patterns which can be applied to many songs)
Picking Patterns (playing individual notes rather than whole chords)
Developing techniques: timing, playing in a group
Creating song arrangements, intros, outros and melody lines.

How will I receive feedback on my learning progress and achievement?
Feedback will be ongoing throughout the course. There will be mid term tutorials which are a chance to receive tutor feedback and share you’re learning needs and any issues you have. The tutor will be available before and after class for questions and concerns. Progress and achievement is also assessed at the end of the course in relation to learning outcomes and performance at the optional end of term celebration event (this is informal and optional – however it is very good fun!). It is expected that people practice at home for at least 1 hour each week in-between sessions. People who cannot do this will not be able to progress well in relation to the learning outcomes.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

These are the intended outcomes and may be revised in discussion with the class. Students are encouraged to think about and identify their own individual outcomes.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:
1.    Play major, minor and seventh chords (1st position and some moveable shapes) in popular keys.
2.    Read and play a melody or solo line from tablature or memory fairly accurately.
3.    Apply a variety of strumming and picking patterns to their songs to increase impact.
4.    Increase knowledge and understanding of chord families and popular chord progressions.
5.    Have the opportunity to perform at a live event and have training on this in advance.