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Band together for charity

Cloth Cat Band Together For Charity – Dress Down, Show Support!

Cloth Cat is a music and education charity supporting people living in disadvantaged areas of Leeds. We improve individuals’ mental health through the power of music. This new charity event in November is an easy event for businesses and individuals to participate in. The focus is to bring people together. Here’s what you have to do to get involved: DRESS DOWN & SHOW SUPPORT – on Friday 27th November when people across Leeds will wear their T-shirt at work (in the office or at home) POST a picture of yourself in your favourite band T-shirt on linkedin / social media using #bandtogetherforcharity

DONATEto Cloth Cat via the PayPal button below

It’s that simple! Your money will be going to an important local cause that will have a positive impact on the lives of the people of Leeds. All donations will directly support our work including :
  • – Youth engagement and support through music
  • – Tackling social isolation for all ages
  • – Music workshops in NHS mental health wards
  • – Suicide prevention work in the community
Thank you for taking part and remember to dress down and show support on 27th November! #bandtogetherforcharity bandtogetherforcharity@clothcatleeds.org.uk This charity event is based on the original “Wear your T-shirt to work day” idea by Steve Lamacq, the BBC Radio 6 DJ.

£5 will provide bus fare for a socially isolated person to attend a covid safe activity


£25 will fund an after school music lesson for a young person

£30 will provide a young person with a set of DJ headphones to keep and use in our classes



£77 will fund a creative music workshop for 6 people in a Leeds mental health centre

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