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Cloth Cat
Old Chapel Studios
1 Crossland Court
Czar Street
Leeds, LS11 9PR

0113 244 2773
[email protected]

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Volunteer Positions



Become part of the backstage community! If you’re interested in setting up and running events then Backstage is the team for you. Volunteers will take part in:

  • Setting up venues
  • Greeting the audience, bands, and musicians on arrival
  • Checking and selling tickets on the door
  • Assisting audience members with questions
  • Selling programmes and/or merchandise
  • Clearing the venue at the end of the performance

We are looking for flexible and proactive volunteers with the communication skills to handle a range of enquiries from members of the audience. If you’re chatty or don’t mind work getting a bit hands on then this is the team for you.

Street Team

Calling all socialites! We’re looking for those who want to get out in the open and talk to the public about the great things which we at Cloth Cat do. Volunteers in the Street Team will take part in:

  • Planning marketing events in and around Leeds
  • Advertising Cloth Cat through flyers and events
  • Encouraging the public to participate in our events
  • Engaging people through

Tech Team

Cloth Cat’s foundations are built on music and the instruments used to produce it. That’s why we are looking for those with experience mending instruments or PA so we can keep our foundations secure. If you know how to care for a keyboard, mend a mic, or service some strings then the Tech Team is for you. We are looking for volunteers who want to

  • Work with different materials and tools
  • Mend and improve modern equipment such as electric guitars
  • Mend and adjust PA equipment

An extensive knowledge of equipment repair is not required. As long as you can wield the power of the soldering iron your help will be appreciated!

Cabin Crew

It takes a lot of help to do the things Cloth Cat does, and we wouldn’t be able to do it with out our Cabin Crew! This team keep us running smooth and flawless. Members of the Cabin Crew take part in many different jobs, some of which include:

  • Organising data and files in The Cabin (our office)
  • Preparing information for events
  • Maintaining the website
  • Generally organising and running Cloth Cat




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