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Cloth Cat
Old Chapel Studios
1 Crossland Court
Czar Street
Leeds, LS11 9PR

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Mel is our new DJ tutor this term. She has been a professional DJ for over a
decade and has recently started offering DJ lessons. She is very excited
and passionate to be passing on her skills to the new generation of DJs.

There are limited spaces for this session, we have a maximum of 5 slots so
get your enrolment form completed quickly. Young people will be allocated
their own work station including headphones. They will learn the basic of
either vinyl or digital DJ’ing and the course will cater to individual ability. So
if you are a beginner Mel will teach you how to get started but if you’ve
been DJ’ing for a while Mel will show you the more advanced techniques.

On this course you can:

– Learn how to beatmatch and mix music seamlessly
– Use professional DJ equipment and software
– Use FX, loops and other advanced skills
– Create an original DJ mix to share with your friends and family
– Meet others who are passionate about music