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‘Radio Cloth Cat’ – Mick O’Loughlin

This is Mick O’Loughlin our ‘Radio Cloth Cat’ tutor who is also the founder and presenter of South Leeds Radio. We are so lucky to have Mick join us this term as he has a wealth of experience in film, music, radio and Podcasting.

The Course…

This is an open group to anyone with our without a passion for music as it combines Radio, Podcasting and film making. Here at Radio Cloth Cat, we are looking for creative young people to help us make some really great radio shows and podcasts. If you’re an aspiring writer, presenter, musician, tech head or you just want to hop on board and have a go, we want to hear from you. Bring along your ideas and together we can turn them into an exciting sound experience. Some things which are on offer but not exclusive are:

Spoken words – creating stories recording them and adding sound effects or be a voice actor in a drama/ comedy

Journalism – interview each other for the Radio Cast

Recording and producing – learning how to create a podcast/ radio show, be a writer, learn about sound production and editing, press lots of buttons!

Singing/ Songwriting – learn or improve your singing or songwriting which you can then record for the Radio cast, if you want to

Playing instruments – if you already play something then bring it along each week and develop your skills which again you can record and have played on the Radio Cast

Forming a Band where you will practise and record yourselves playing for the final Radio cast