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Man About Town

Cloth Cat will be running music and digital art classes for the benefit of men who are dealing with low mood. Please get in touch if you would like to be involved in the classes or know someone who would.

"Its easy to stay in bed and hide from the world. The secret though is to make sure there are more daylight hours than night. Engaging with others prevents loneliness and increases the likelihood of smiling for longer."



Local music charity Cloth Cat is launching Man About Town, a unique project in Leeds, funded by Leeds Community Foundation, which aims to reduce social isolation for men in South Leeds. The Leeds suicide audit published in 2016 found that men are almost five times more likely to end their own life than women which is higher than the national average of three to one. There will be a launch event of the project on Saturday 30th November from noon until 2.30pm at Slung Low based at The Holbeck Social Club in Leeds 11, before Leeds United’s home match against Middlesbrough, and where people can find out more about what’s on offer through our projects as well.

Man About Town aims to inspire and encourage men who may be socially isolated and at risk of suicide to engage back in to the wider community through a series of creative, practical and fun sessions including both music and the digital arts, to be run at Old Chapel Studios from December. Cloth Cat, who are spearheading the project, have been running music based projects and events over the past 20 years for those who are most vulnerable living within the city, to develop new avenues for people bank in to education, employment and positive social activity so that they are able to lead happier lives.

Project Co-ordinator, Shelly Johnson said: “The idea came after talking to Jonathan Parker at Creative Frame, a Leeds based arts project focussing on creativity and mental wellbeing, and joint work in the mental health sector, and how music and the arts could support men who are isolated. I keep saying that if we had a pound for every man who had said that music had saved their lives then we would be very rich! We have found that it is something that can have a profound positive influence on their lives”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the project should contact Shelly Johnson at Cloth Cat on 0113-244-2773 or e-mail shelly@clothcatleeds.org.uk Their website can be found at www.clothcatleeds.org.uk 

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