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Cloth Cat
The Holbeck
Jenkinson Lawn
Leeds, LS11 9QX

0113 244 2773
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Cloth Cat Broadcasts

Cloth Cat Broadcasts (CCB) is a brand new community radio station which has evolved from the ashes of South Leeds Radio, and with a group of local residents, has its mission to entertain and inform residents of Holbeck & Beeston.
Our aims are to use radio to:
· As a means of training in radio and media in general
· Support local people to deliver their own programmes within the aims of Cloth Cat
· Deliver programmes about the local community and music
Our activities are:
· To train 25 people per year on how to use the software to produce programmes, presenting and interview techniques, logging music for PRS etc
· To produce a one hour ‘demo’ programme as a taster
· Organise and run a launch event
· Start small and deliver 5 x 2 hour online programmes per week initially
· Promote CCB to the local communities of Holbeck and Beeston through our networks, distribution of flyers and social media
· Produce jingles for the station and programmes
· Proactively interact with the local community to gauge feedback and opinion about the station and programming
These are roles in presenting, editing, engineering, production and promotion, but we have training opportunities to learn the skills if you are new to media and broadcasting.

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