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0113 244 2773

Course: Introduction to Ableton Live
Tutor: Rob Harrison
Venue: The Cardigan Centre 145 – 149 Cardigan Road Leeds LS6 1LJ
Dates: tbc
Day: Thursdays
Times: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Sessions: 11
Full cost: £77.00/ FREE if you’re in receipt of any means tested benefits

Course Description:
The course will cover the basics in Ableton Live, which will enable the learner to produce their own music using the software. Subjects covered including using virtual instruments’ and audio tracks.

Course Aims:
To engage the learner and give an insight into music production using Ableton Live. To create an atmosphere in the session that is inclusive and supportive to the needs of the learner.

Course Content:
The initial sessions will cover how to use the software to produce music. This will start with producing a backing/rhythm track using virtual instruments and samples, then moving on to adding harmonic and melodic elements to the production. The sessions will also cover adding effects to the parts to enhance the production.

The sessions will also breakdown how current releases have been produced using software, which we will breakdown in demonstrations in class.

The course will cover how to use the software in a variety of different ways; one such way will be to use Ableton as a DJ tool. The learners will develop their own skills to enable them to create their own DJ sets within the software.

Course Feedback:
Feedback will be given throughout the course using one-to-one tutorials and observations to highlight how the learner is progressing.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course, students should be able to:

1.Create and recognise how to use Audio and MIDI tracks, Scenes and MIDI Clips.
2.Create and edit Warp Markers.
3.Access and utilise the browser functions within Live.
4.Identify and recognise how to use basic editing functions (e.g. move, copy, paste, cut, consolidate etc.) within the arrangement view.

Interested?  Ring Shelly on 0113 2442773 or email enquiries@clothcatleeds.org.uk to reserve your place.

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