Guitar (Beginners)

Course 1

Tutor Eddie de Hamer
Venue Park Dale Hall, Burley Street, Leeds LS1 4PQ (opp Park Lane College)
Dates 31st Jan – 11th April 2019
Times 7-9pm
Day Thursdays
Sessions 11
Full cost £77.00/ FREE if you receive any means tested benefits

Course Description:
Undergo the process of learning guitar, covering all the basics.  Players learn at different speeds and some may have already learned a lot of the basics. The aim is to push every player to their potential and tailor the course to their individual needs / ability/ aspirations.

Course covers:
Chords, scales and theory
Group playing and improvisation
Improvisation and performance
Song writing and how it works
Reading tablature
Advanced playing

Course Aims:
The course is designed to introduce newcomers to guitar playing, taking them through the process of learning and improve their level and understanding, with the aim of being able to to practice guitar playing moving towards a more intermediate stage.

Learning Outcomes:
These are the intended outcomes and may be revised in discussion with the class. Learners should be encouraged to think about and identify their own individual outcomes. By the end of the course, learners should be able to:

1: Play chords/songs in a group maintaining a steady constant rhythm.
2: Understand the use basic theory (timing, chords, scales, strumming and performance).
3: Improvise and construct songs.
4: Read tablature and rhythm signature.
5: Demonstrate a better understanding of more complex scales, chords and theory.
6: Demonstrate a better understanding of speed, technique, improvisation and performance.

Interested?  Ring Mike on 0113 2442773 or email to reserve your place.

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