Live Sound Engineering (Introductory)

Course: Introduction to Live Sound Engineering
Tutor: James Coxhead
Venue: The Chemic Tavern 9 Johnston Street Woodhouse Leeds LS6 2NG
Dates: 3rd August – 31st August
Times: 5.30-8.00pm
Day: Tuesday & Thursday
Sessions: 9 (22.5 hours)
Full cost: £78.75/ FREE if you’re in receipt of any means tested benefits

To teach the fundamentals of live sound engineering and a basic understanding of the physics of sound. Also to give a basic skill level at setting up and operating live sound equipment.

These are the intended outcomes and may be revised in discussion with the class. Learners should be encouraged to think about and identify their own individual outcomes. By the end of the course, learners should be able to:

1:Set up and run a simple P.A.
2:Understand the basics of sound reinforcement and engineering.
3:Demonstrate knowledge of the physics of sound.

COURSE DESCRIPTION AND CONTENT: (including any assessment process):

The course covers:
Health and safety
Signal path
P.A. components
Tone control
Physics of sound
Mixing desk
Outboard gear
Industry knowledge etc.