Singing and Songwriting


Course: Singing and Songwriting
Tutor: Heather Coulton
Venue: Swarthmore Educational Centre Woodhouse Square (Room 2) LS3 1AD
Dates: 16th Jan – 27th March (not 13th March)
Times: 7.00-9.00pm (6-9pm for last 5 sessions: (20th Feb-27th March))
Day: Tuesdays
Sessions: 10
Total hours: 25
Full cost: £87.50/ FREE if you’re in receipt of any means tested benefits

Course Description:
Basic singing techniques and performance skills. Group songs will be learned alongside solo pieces for an end of course live performance.

Course Aims:
To teach basic singing techniques and performance skills
End of course performance in a live showcase
Get learners’ to discover the potential in their singing voice

Course Feedback:
One to one tuition; group work; peer feedback; tutor feedback in each class; journal writing; end of course live performance

Course Content:

*Exploring different techniques and processes of song-writing *Tapping into our own creativity (what makes us tick?)
*Listening constructively and critiquing different songs/lyrics/melodies (including peer-to-peer work)
*Sharing our own material with others (including accepting other people’s opinions on your work)
*Writing your own song or co-writing with another
*Writing a group song together
*Performing and/or recording original material

*Basic singing techniques/warm-ups/exercises
*Breathing technique
*Voice relaxation techniques
*Realising your voice’s potential and highlighting areas that may need work
*Growing in confidence
*Performance skills
*Learning group songs (with harmonies)
*Performing in front of an audience (mainly working on genres such as pop, rock, indie, folk, theatre)

 Interested?  Ring Mike on 0113 2442773 or email to reserve your place.

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