Old Chapel, 1 Crossland Court, Czar Street, Leeds LS11 9PR
0113 244 2773

Course: Singing    

Tutor: Heather Coulton

Sessions: 8

Full cost: £56.00/ FREE if you’re in receipt of any means tested benefits

Course aims:

To provide a introduction and/or greater understanding of singing and harmonising (in a group in particular)

Any requirements

Anyone with a passion for singing. No experience necessary although some would be preferable.

Course overview:

By the end of this course, you will have a sound understanding of singing techniques and how to look after your voice as a performer. You will also have the opportunity to fulfill your singing voice potential and learn how to sing confidently as an individual and in a group (with harmonies). The end of the course will result in a performance of solo and group songs (not compulsory).

Course Content

*Basic singing techniques/warm-ups/exercises

*Breathing techniques

*Voice relaxation techniques

*Realising your voice’s potential and highlighting areas that may need work

*Growing in confidence

*Performance skills

*Learning group songs (with harmonies)

*Singing in smaller groups (i.e. duets, trios etc)

*Performing in front of an audience

*Listening to others and critiquing performances

(mainly working on genres such as pop, rock, indie, folk, theatre)

By the end of the course students should be able to: 

  1. Perform in front of peers
  2. Perform in concert
  3. Record/critique your own/others singing
  4. Be able to harmonise with others
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