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Spotlight on DJ Dylan

For over 20 years, Cloth Cat has prided itself on helping young people, through the power of music. We are proud of any and all of the people we work with, but here we are casting the spotlight on one individual in particular, and that is Dylan Reains, otherwise known as DJ Dylan of Double D’s productions.

Dylan first heard about our charity through his Uncle, James Reains, another one of our generous volunteers, and was soon put onto our Ableton course. Having practiced with his own decks at home, which had been passed down through the family – Dylan soon found a burning passion for House music, and thanks to support from Dan Di Lissandri, his family and fellow DJ’s like Dale Castell, who has helped him greatly with his decks, Dylan has been able to achieve great success within our charity.

Dylan’s streams were a constant success throughout our Get Your Act Together initiative, drawing in consistent high numbers during his weekly slot. The progression that Dylan has shown over the past year is something we are all immensely proud of, and it is something he spoke openly about himself:
“Cloth Cat has helped me a lot through lockdown, it’s given me confidence in myself and when speaking to others.”
He also noted that Cloth Cat has helped him realise ‘what he actually wants to do’ in terms of career prospects.

Speaking on his new-found confidence, having finished up at college, Dylan was then interviewed on the radio by BBC’s Stephanie Hirst! before his far more illustrious zoom call with myself (just kidding, Steph).

We mentioned earlier about the progression Dylan has made in just over a year, and his achievements may best be summed up by his recent inclusion at the Warehouse, with thanks to Martin Stockwell, Dylan will be performing the opening set at Casa Loco, on June 26. Also joining Dylan on stage that night will be acts he has looked up to for a while, including Alex Simmons and Ste Haley – with the latter even reaching out to Dylan to offer him a hand on the night, should he need it.

Another big move in Dylan’s career will be his participation in future Ableton courses, not as a student, but as a volunteer – which emphasises the knowledge and progress he has developed over the last year or so.

If you are interested in more of what Dylan does, be sure to check out his Facebook page and his merchandise store.

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