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Singing – Sarah Stead

Cloth Cat’s Singing course aims to get young people working together on their vocal skills, developing their technique over a ten week course so that they can sing together in unison and harmony by the end of term. 

Sarah Stead is our Singing tutor on Get Your Act Together. Sarah’s love of music started from a young age. Possessing a wealth of performance experiences including two European concert tours, Sarah hopes to ignite a passion for music in others.

Sarah is an experienced choir leader, musician and drama teacher. Previous examples of Sarah’s work include her roles as ‘WIRED’ project tutor for Yorkshire Sound Women Network, (engaging young women in the exploration of Music Technology); Facilitator of Musicultural Conversations, (a project for Asylum Seekers and Refugees which aims to develop conversational English through music); Music Director for the Armley People’s Theatre’s production of ‘An Armley Christmas Carol’; Music Director for St Vincent’s Centre community choir and Moortown West Residents Community Association’s community choir.

Sarah continues to deliver community arts engagement in her ongoing work with Vera Media. Vera Media is an adult education provider based in Leeds.

We are looking for enthusiastic young people to get together and sing great songs! If you’re an aspiring singer or you just want to hop on board and have a go, we want to hear from you. Participants will learn vocal warm ups and develop their own unique voice, whilst learning just a little bit of theory to back up the practical work.