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Support us.

Cloth Cat wouldn’t be able to do the amazing things it does without the support of our wonderful donors. If you like what we do then you can donate via PayPal


Don’t feel left out though, If you can’t afford to make a donation don’t worry,  you can still help by letting your friends know about the scheme and about our work, or you could get involved with what we do, you could even simply sign up to our mailing list (on the right) so we can let you know what we’re doing and how the money is being spent.

Friends of Cloth Cat scheme
Cloth Cat has been delivering it’s services within inner city Leeds for around 17 years on very low levels of income. We are currently fighting to raise income through grants and corporate sponsorship, in addition to raising other contracts to help those who are most disadvantaged in the area.

Like most charities, Cloth Cat is affected by the recession and huge cuts in the economy at a time when there’s likely to be increased unemployment, crime and homelessness, as well as a greater demand and need for community sector support and activity. At the same time, competition for grant funding is even more fierce and as one of our initiatives we’re re-launching the ‘Friends of Cloth Cat’ scheme.

We already have some wonderful Friends and if you, like them, feel that Cloth Cat is an important asset to our local communities then why not join the scheme too? For as little as 50p a month, set up on a standing order which will go towards our vital running costs, which are harder to fund through traditional grants. Anyone can sign up to the scheme, even if you haven’t directly accessed our services.

Please download the Standing Order form for instructions on how to do this:

Friends of Cloth Cat SO form,